Remember, success is not a mission, it’s a journey.

Dr. Shobha Sinha

JKS International School is a landmark in the field of education in coalfield of Jharkhand. The school has been set up with a great mission to visualize the dream of Dr. J. K. Sinha, who was known as a man of intellect and a paragon of virtues. The school aims not only to impart value based education but also to cater the academic needs of the students, specially for the economically backward families, – to groom them into worthy citizens with a deep faith in unity and universal brotherhood.

As the need of the hour is to impart quality education, so the mission is to make students morally sound and spiritually oriented citizens.

The school is committed to provide a happy childhood to the young learners to make them spiritually and emotionally a confident personality so that they may walk ahead steadily to explore new avenues which may open the door of a new era in the field of education.

The unflinching support and visionary guidance of the members of Managing Committee and the blessings of the iconic personality (Dr. J. K. Sinha) will enable the students to achieve rainbows of success to the path of their onward journey.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.