Late Dr. J.K. Sinha
D.O.B. : 5th Febuary,1942
D.O.D. : 24th January,2015

A Tribute.....

Work like a labour And live like a king……

The uncrowned king on his long journey of 73 years, left a series of glorious achievements in his lifetime. Dr. Jitendra Kumar Sinha, the founder of ISL Group as well as Kids Garden Secondary School, the Director of Sahadaya School Complex, was not only a man of dynamic personality but his various contribution in social and educational field has been proved a milestone in his achievements. Born and brought up in the village Nehalpur, Jahanabad Distt., he had touched the zenith of success. Blessed by Goddss Saraswati, Dr. Sinha enriched his career with a sound educational background with Master Degree in Hindi and English, achieved Gold Medal in Hindi, later on completed Ph.D. and D.Litt. It was his immense desire to eradicate illiteracy and to shine every dark corner of the society with the rays of education. He was one of he pioneers to set up the first CBSE School in Dhanbad (Jharkhand and Bihar).

Being an educationist he believed that education implies the harmonious development of mental, moral, physical and spiritual faculties of an individual
because it is an edifice on which the structure of society is made. Dr. Sinha believed that the principal objective of education aims to make the
youngsters spiritually enlightened, mentally alert and morally awakened to be civilized citizens who are embodiment of truth and culture,.
He believe in simple living and high thinking. He was a man of simplicity, and his culture was “Works is Worship”. His utmost dedication to work has made him a role model in educational field and he was honoured by the Govt. of India ” BHARAT JYOTI AWARD”. Art, Music and Poetry was his passion. He was a skilled administrator, educationist, poet and dramatist. Dr. Sinha loved to utter the golden lines of the great poet Robet Frost, -” The woods are lovely, dark and deep,But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep”………

And finally the spirited personality slept forever on 24th January, 2015, with his vision to touch the never ending milestone of walking ahead leaving behind a silent team of workers and dedicated faculty to make his dream fruitful.

May his soul rest in peace